Words and photos by Elmer Maniebo
Without any annual International Auto Show to boast about, the Brits are left wondering how to satisfy their petrol head fix. I was at the 2008 British International Auto Show held at Excel, London, and, judging by the attendance of car manufacturers and new launches, it was nowhere near the pomp and drama of the likes of Geneva, Frankfurt, or Paris. 
But every year, over 200,000 certified petrol, gear, or piston heads from all over the world gather around 12,000 acres of glorious woodlands, empty fields, and a racetrack nestled along a woody estate and perched above Chichester in West Sussex. Showcasing the world’s best race car drivers behind the wheels of the most exotic, fastest, and rarest cars the planet has ever seen, this is the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
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Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos and video courtesy of Infiniti USA
Let's get this out of the way: I was going to title this: "Electrifying Concept Emerges", but that would have been over-the-top. Forget for the moment that the Infiniti Emerg-E is an electric sportscar concept with 402 horsepower and range-extender technology. Forget that it's made out of carbon-fiber, keeping the weight to a relatively trim 1.6 tons. Forget that it's a Japanese concept built in Europe based on a design by an American.
No, these are merely trivial items. The important thing here is that it's sexy. Damn sexy. The organically fluid lines sculpted into the body are something you'd expect from an Italian exotic with a seven-figure price tag, not an Infiniti. Did I mention how sexy it was yet?
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