Words by Carl Trocio

Photos courtesy of Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

2013 world of toyotaThis August, the country’s number one automotive brand, dangles a carrot in front of their fans, current and potential, by bringing in two concept cars to the country. The aim of this is to give the consumers a glimpse of the things to come. This little peep show will happen on August 10 to 18 at The World of Toyota Motorshow to be held at the World Trade Center , Pasay City. Fresh off the Boat will be Toyota’s FCV-R and Lexus’ LF-LC, prime example of the company’s new direction in design philosophy, technology of cars in the future as well as the company’s preference of abbreviations.

First dish submitted for your scrutiny is Toyota’s Fuel-Cell Vehicle Reality and Revolution (FCV-R)… make sense? The abbreviated names never do. Possibly making its way from the drawing board to full on production this 2015, this mid-sized family sedan runs of hydrogen and does not emit fossilized dinosaur fumes or CO2 but only, get this… water vapor. Sort of like an athlete fueled only by love and not carbohydrates then passes out rainbows instead of gas.

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Words by Ferman Lao
senate logoAfter many years and many iterations of several bills which seek to reduce our country's fossil fuel dependency for motor vehicles, the Senate of the Philippines has finally approved the final reading House Bill No. 2856 - otherwise known as the “Electric, Hybrid, and Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentives Act of 2011.” When passed into law and finally takes effect, it will allow for more affordable and more Earth-friendly vehicles - something that both private vehicle owners and public transport vehicle operators can benefit from. With a variety of alternatives to choose from, one can choose which ecologically sound fuel suits their needs best: electric, hybrid, CNG (compressed natural gas), solar, hydrogen fuel cells, liquefied petroleum gas, or methane.

Some of the incentives to be granted to encourage the use of alternative power sources include exemption from payment of excise taxes and duties for the manufacturers and importers of completely knocked down parts of electric, hybrid, and other alternative fuel vehicles for a period of nine years from first day the law takes effect. Conversion of vehicles into alternative fuel vehicles is also exempt.
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Words by Carl Trocio | Photos courtesy of Porsche AG
panamerastc mainPorsche gives in to tree huggers yet again. The Stuttgart-based company recently unveiled the Panamera Sport Turismo Concept to display the proper marriage of “drive technology” and “evolution of the Porsche design for tomorrow.” I guess what they're trying to say is, it's the latest hybrid from Porsche and it hints of what Porsches eventually will look like in the near future.
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Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos and video courtesy of Infiniti USA
Let's get this out of the way: I was going to title this: "Electrifying Concept Emerges", but that would have been over-the-top. Forget for the moment that the Infiniti Emerg-E is an electric sportscar concept with 402 horsepower and range-extender technology. Forget that it's made out of carbon-fiber, keeping the weight to a relatively trim 1.6 tons. Forget that it's a Japanese concept built in Europe based on a design by an American.
No, these are merely trivial items. The important thing here is that it's sexy. Damn sexy. The organically fluid lines sculpted into the body are something you'd expect from an Italian exotic with a seven-figure price tag, not an Infiniti. Did I mention how sexy it was yet?
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Words by Christopher Kho | Photos and video courtesy of Volvo Car Corporation
With a US$1m grant from the Swedish Energy Agency, Volvo is developing a lightweight, inexpensive, and eco-efficient boost to give a four-cylinder engine the power of a six. Called the Flywheel Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), Volvo's unique approach to the technology is purely mechanical and doesn't need to convert kinetic into electrical energy that a Formula One or hybrid system does. 
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