Words by Jose Carlo R. Sapera | Photos courtesy of the Ford Motor Company
escortconcept mainLong before the Laser, Lynx, and Focus, there was the Ford Escort. Its life started in the late 60's as a great family car and proved to be a equally-great rally car as well. But after 32 years in production and six generations, Ford decided to pull the plug and replaced it with the Focus that we have today.
However, a lot has changed since Ford last built an Escort. More specifically, China's boom has transformed it into an economic giant. It's so big that they're now the world's largest producer of motor vehicles and account for almost 1/3 of the annual global car sales. With this, it's a no-brainer for automobile manufacturers to take advantage of their fast-growing car market by tailoring specific models just for them. And Ford's solution is to revive the Escort as a concept that's intended solely for China.
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Words by Christopher Kho
mias2013 preview
There's no denying that the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) is THE biggest annual automotive event in the country. And on its 9th year running, they're expanding their exhibit floor space even further to over 27,000 sq. meters with more than 300 cars on display. But of all the shiny sheet metal at the show, here are the Top 9 new cars making their debut at the 2013 Manila International Auto Show this April 4 to 7, 2013 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.
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trs fiesta
Want to learn how to race cars the right way? Here's your chance. Tuason Racing School (TRS) is once again accepting enrollees for their 1-day Basic Circuit Racing Class this coming April. They'll teach you the basics on threshold braking, downshifting, racing line, and track lapping under the guidance of none-other-than multi-titled racing champion, JP Tuason.
All you need to have is a valid driver's license, ability to drive a manual transmission car, and P18,000 for the course fee. But for those who are underage and have no license, TRS is willing to make an exception. Just get a written consent and certification from either a parent or guardian stating that the enrollee knows how to drive.
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Words and photos by Christopher Kho
cookoff main
My occupation allows me to drive almost all the new cars you see on the road. We typically test them for performance, handling, and fuel-efficiency. Of course, it’s also good put these set of wheels through our daily routines to see just how practical they are. But nothing assesses a car's comfort quite like doing errands outside our comfort zone. And to prove a point, Ford Philippines turned us burly men into Mr. Moms for a day with the all-new Focus.
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Words by Jose Carlo R. Sapera
focus main
Most, if not all new vehicles sold in the market today come standard with airbags and anti-lock brakes. As competition stiffens and safety standards get higher, even entry-level models now come with these safety supplements. But how safe really are they?
In the US, automobile safety is stringently evaluated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) where its safety arm, the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), is designated to encourage automobile makers to build safer vehicles. They do this by rigorously checking each new vehicle how it fairs in a crash. And one of the most recent models to pass their test with a full five-star rating is the all-new 2013 Ford Focus.
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Friday, 21 December 2012 10:13

2012 Paris Motor Show : The Inside Story

Words and photos by Elmer Maniebo
paris12 main
Paris is, without a doubt, the most romantic city in the world. Its culture, cuisine, and bright spirit are representative of its native language, which is quite possibly the most beautiful language known to man. It is home to some of the most iconic structures to have ever been built - the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe. Nothing prepares you for its charm, nostalgia, and chic. Its effervescent warmth makes it the most visited city in the world. So when the chance to go to the Mondial de l’Automobile 2012, otherwise known as the Paris Motor Show, popped-up, I didn't think twice to grab it. It’s only five hours away from where I live, and kids go free. So, what the heck!
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Words by Hans Gerald Chua
ranger pickup2013
Ford is really bringing their A-game. They've already have won two international awards this year. The first was “Van of the Year 2013” for the new Transit custom, followed by “International Engine of the Year” for its 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine found in the new Ford Fiesta. And now on their third straight win, Ford bagged the “International Pick-Up Award 2013” for their all-new Ranger.
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Words by Jade Lu
For many of us, traveling 900 kilometers means cost and multiple fuel pit stops; but for Ford Philippines, it spells “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.” The Department of Energy (DOE) recently witnessed a fuel economy run of the all-new Focus, which spanned a total of 945 kilometers between Manila and Pangasinan and presented above satisfactory results.
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Words by Christopher Kho
Not fond of the other fruity computer company, Ford asked Microsoft to develop for them what is essentially a smart phone for cars way back in 2005. The result of their collaboration was SYNC - a factory-installed and fully-integrated entertainment system that can take phone calls hands-free, manipulate vehicle controls, and follow voice commands much like a personal-butler would. It was launched in 2007, two days before the very first iPhone's debut. Since then, it has found its way into 14 Ford models. And just last week, the blue oval brand celebrated its 5 millionth SYNC-equipped vehicle.
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Only weeks after Hyundai announced their return to the World Rally Championship (WRC), Ford and MINI have, sadly, declared that both their factory-backed teams are exiting the championship after the 2012 season. Citing different reasons for their departure, the news has burst our bubble as we had hoped that the WRC will finally return to its glory days with VW and Toyota joining the field next year.
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