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01 September 2011

Ford sees the future through the Evos Concept

Words by Christopher Kho | Photos courtesy of the Ford Motor Company
Travel through time as the blue oval brand takes us far into the future with its Frankfurt-bound Evos Concept car. Created to express Ford's new global design direction, this is one concept that dwells more on the 'what can be' rather than the 'what will be.' That means there's only a slim chance that this sleek sedan will ever make it into production, but its technologies and design elements will. And yes, that's right, though it might look like a coupe, this one's actually a cool four-door saloon.
Some clever cut-outs and a new take on gull wing doors makes this four-door fastback mimic a classy coupe - something Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Porsche should have thought of when creating the Rapide, Estoque, and Panamera. Design also focused on the repositioned signature trapezoidal grill and slim laser cut front headlights that should help shape Ford's in the near future. The interior's sci-fi inspired cockpit, however, might easily overwhelm the driver due to the amount of buttons and screens he or she has to contend with.
The Evos Concept embodies the true essence of a 'smart car' by being able to learn driver habits and adjust handling, engine performance, and steering response accordingly. It can even remind you of your work schedule, give a traffic and weather update, play music depending on your mood, turn the air conditioning on before you get in, and close the garage door wirelessly. Now if it can only make a sandwich, it would become the perfect wife. 
Contrary to its sports car appeal, the Evos Concept is actually a lithium-ion plug-in hybrid (PHEV) optimized for fuel efficiency, not for performance; so it won't be racing anyone's hearts anytime soon. Nevertheless, this green crusader manages to impress with its 800 kilometer range, which is more than any other plug-in or hybrid.
According to Ford, the Evos Concept unites the three key elements of the “One Ford” global product strategy - outstanding design, smart technologies, and fuel economy leadership. As it paves the way for Ford's very promising future, we're still left wondering though why they gave it a name that's more synonymous to Mitsubishi.