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27 May 2013

Lamborghini Egoista: Spending 50 years at the top... alone

Words by Carl Trocio | Photos courtesy of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
egoista main
To some lucky few, the chance of owning a Lamborghini marks our conquest of reaching top dog status or a sign of hitting a mid-life crisis. Whatever the reason may be, owning one will feel like it’s your birthday every day. Like every birthday, celebrating it involves friends and family members, and throwing a party. Then, to satisfy yourself (not in a perverted manner), you get yourself a gift as a symbol of your undying love to you. The company Lamborghini decided to follow this formula on their 50th birthday. For their half century shindig, they first gave us the Veneno to celebrate with a friend or family member. The gift to yourself part comes in the form of the Lamborghini Egoista Concept.
egoista rearquarteregoista sideegoista top
Nothing says “I love me” more than the Lambo Egoista concept - a one seater supercar that was said to be inspired by aircraft design; specifically an Apache attack Helicopter. The Egoista (aptly translated as “selfish” in Italian) will be powered by a 600 horse 5.2L V10 engine which is enough to propel the rich introvert to total bliss. And as if having only one guaranteed passenger or driver isn’t light enough, the propeller-less chopper will feature aluminum and carbon fiber endowed body and panels.
Inside the “cockpit,” the lonely rich man will be treated to his own flight simulator custom tailored to his quirky taste. Given the snap shots of the interior, there will be a lot of science involved in making the car’s insides. Even getting out of the car requires a manual.
egoista frontegoista rear
To get out of the vehicle, the driver must remove the steering wheel and rest it on the dash board. Next, the driver needs to open the dome with an electronic command, sit on a precise point on the left hand side of the bodywork. Swing his legs 180 degrees towards the outside of the car. At that point, he can set his feet down on the ground and stand up. Complicated? Rumor has it, the car might be equipped with an eject button.
Like most dynamic duos, one of them tries their hand at going solo. More often than not, they crash and burn and go back to being a duo. Pretty sure Lamborghini might have noticed this trend and decided that it has no plans to produce the car. It’s just as well. Speed Racer called, he wants his car back.
egoista interior01egoista interior02egoista interior03