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13 May 2013

Hyundai's jaw-droppingly awesome HND-9 concept car hints next-gen Genesis Coupe

Words by Gracey Maquiniana | Photos courtesy of Hyundai Motor Co.
hnd9 main
Ahh sports cars. I always find myself amazed when I see one on the road, let alone when a bunch of them are lined-up on the street. And one particular model that never fails to capture my attention is the Genesis Coupe. But just like clothes and shoes, sports cars, no matter how pretty they may be, do tend to go out of fashion over time. So five years after the first Genesis Coupe came out, it seems like Hyundai is ready to come out with a replacement. Feast your eyes on the new HND-9 Concept, which we speculate to be the next-generation Genesis Coupe.
With its name, the “9” in HND-9 Concept means that it's the 9th concept model that was developed by the Research and Development division of the Hyundai Motor Group in Namyang, South Korea.
Measuring at 4,695 mm long and 1,890 mm wide the HND-9 Concept is a wee bit longer and wider than the current Genesis Coupe. And in a move to improve CG, overall height is lower by 39 mm. This concept is then equipped with a 370 horsepower 3.3L turbo GDi engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission which will surely create that much-anticipated loud roar when you put the accelerator to the floor. As always, it will be rear-wheel-drive.
Hyundai has a adopted a new “spiral sculpture concept” to shape the HND-9 Concept. Albeit being a derivative of the Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy, it looks nothing close to Hyundai's current roster. Just to point its best features, the HND-9 sports a wide hexagonal front grill, sculpted tail lights, quad tailpipes, butterfly doors, and 22-inch carbon/alloy wheels. It looks absolutely ravishing and could even make some jaws to drop.
hnd9 rearquarterhnd9 sidehnd9 interior
Just like the exterior, the HND-9 Concept's interior is a work of art. Hyundai’s R&D team really placed a great effort to deliver a modern luxurious feel to it. According to the press release, the seats are covered in a “sporty yet luxurious mesh.” But the shape doesn't look that “sporty” in the photo like a true sport bucket seat should.
While Hyundai has yet to confirm that the HND-9 Concept will indeed become the next-generation Genesis Coupe that's due in at least a year's time, the specs and dimensions does seem to point that way. But whatever this luxury sports coupe will shape up to be, I'm sure that any guy who drives it will have an extra 100 pogi points for the girls.