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10 April 2013

Mitsubishi's Concept G4 hints of an upcoming Mirage four-door sedan

Words by Jose Carlo R. Sapera | Photos courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Co., Ltd.
conceptg4 front
Most, if not all, hatchbacks, whether subcompact or compact, will always have a sedan counterpart to suit different people's needs in terms of looks and space. And at the 34th Bangkok International Motor Show, Mitsubishi premiered their latest global car called the Concept G4. Whatever they like to call it, we'd like to believe is a preview of an upcoming Mirage four-door sedan.
According to Mitsubishi, the Concept G4 follows a “high-clarity brilliant-cut diamond motif” to shape the front and back end. And they definitely did not disappoint. The sci-fi inspired head lights and tail lights surely do sparkle, and the trapezoidal grill... well... looks like Wonder Woman's breast piece, only blue. But look at it closey and you'll notice that it's pretty much identical to the five-door Mirage hatchback from the hood to the b-pillar. Even the sidemirrors are carried over, except the Concept G4 has built-in turn signals, as well as the lower front grill that has different foglamp housings and a added chin spoiler.
Those big multi-spoke rims, however, may not see the light of production, but at least we know that it can fit pretty aftermarket shoes.
Like the Mirage, the Concept G4 also uses a RISE (Reinfornced Impact Safety Evolution) body. What that means is that Mitsubishi used high-tensile steel on specific areas of the body to reduce the car's weight without sacrificing rigidity.
conceptg4 rearOther than these two photos we have, Mitsubishi didn't show what the cabin looks like. Perhaps, it will carryover the Mirage’s spacious interior. We just wonder if the production version of the Concept G4 will get the same toys and goodies found in the hatchback.
One thing Mitsubishi did confirm is that the Concept G4 will be powered by a three-cylinder 1.2L MIVEC engine with a CVT. Sound familiar? Of course it should. It's the exact same one currently found in the Mirage. It may not sound preppy, but still proves to be frugal and fun to drive from our experience with the hatchback version.
The Mitsubishi Concept G4, or Mirage sedan as we'd like to call it, is scheduled to hit the assembly line within the year. Since this is a global model, there’s a big chance that we'll see it here in the Philippines.