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04 April 2013

Mitsubishi promises 300 km EV range with the CA-MiEV Concept

Words by Jade Lu | Photos courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
camiev mainIt didn’t take too long for Mitsubishi to go from “not bad” to “much better.” The i-MiEV (short for Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle) was first introduced to the Japanese market in 2009, followed by the rest of the world a year later. And as of December 2012, over 22,000 examples of this EV (although rebadged in other countries) had been sold worldwide.
Two-time Dakar Rally winner Hiroshi Masuoka even took on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb using a muscled-up version of the i-MiEV - the i-MiEV Evolution - in July 2012. It was meant to gather information for Mitsubishi’s R&D team, who hoped to use the data for further developments of future EV’s. Cut to less than a year later, and the fruit of this labor was showcased at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show. This is the Mitsubishi CA-MiEV Concept.
The CA-MiEV Concept is the updated, next generation electric concept from Mitsubishi. It’s not meant to go into production itself, but its technologies are bound to find their way into production models. Its arrow-shaped body and geometric details boast of sleekness and design efficiency, and hint at the major role that aerodynamics will play in Mitsu’s upcoming vehicles. It definitely looks nothing like its rounded predecessor. Paired with a high density 28 kWh Lithium-ion battery, the CA-MiEV can run as far as 300 km on a single charge - almost double than that of the i-MiEV.
camiev frontcamiev rear
Other than the impressive chassis and much improved motor and battery, the CA-MiEV is also packed with security measures. It has automatic e-mailing in case of theft, automatic e-calling in case of emergency, data transfer from smart phone to in-car system, and a host of other such conveniences.
We definitely hope to see Mitsubishi’s electric technologies take off in the market. And at the rate they’re going, it’s no telling how far the Japanese automaker can reach given another year. Mitsubishi’s goal of capturing 20% of the market’s electric vehicles by 2020 is definitely nothing impossible.
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