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12 September 2013

Winds Formula Philippines Race 3 Special Report

img 3587A total of eight (8) drivers participated in the 3rd leg of the 2013 Winds Formula Philippines Series last August 10-11, 2013 at the Clark International Speedway (CIS). The 3rd leg was held together with the Philippine GT Championship, the Classic Mini Racing Series, and the VW Kafer Cup.

Clark International Speedway is a 4.2km circuit located within the Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, Pampanga. Numerous motorsport events, ranging from open wheel racing, touring cars, to drag racing, are held at this track throughout the year.

The race follows the usual Formula 1 race format: Free Practice, Qualifying, and the Race proper. 30 minutes of practice time are given to the drivers to warm the cars up and prepare for the race. During qualifying, the drivers are given 20 minutes to set the fastest lap time around the track to determine their grid position at the start of the race. The driver with the fastest lap time will be given the pole position (1st position on the grid), followed by the next fastest driver and so on. In CIS, the race lasts for nine (9) laps around the track (approximately 20 minutes) and the first driver to cross the start/finish line is the winner or champion of the race. 

At the conclusion of the event the race results of drivers Sung Joon Park and Jeremy San Diego were as follows:

Qualifying: 3rd -Sung Joon Park 4th – Jeremy San Diego

Race: 3rd -Sung Joon Park 4th-Jeremy San Diego

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Due to the change in weather from wet to dry conditions, the qualifying time trial began with a ‘dirty’ track, with all drivers struggling to shave their lap times throughout the session. Teriyuki Yoshida eventually took pole position with a time of 2:09.274 followed by Kazutoshi Narita in second and Sung Joon Park in third with only a mere 0.063 seconds between their times. Jeremy San Diego, despite having a battery problem and no real-time instrumentation, was able to pull off and secure fourth position on the grid. Yousuke Yabushita gained fifth followed by Gen Yamaguchi in sixth and Takashi Miura in seventh. Naoto Yanagi, due to a mechanical problem, was not able to qualify and therefore automatically filled up the eighth and last position on the grid for the race.

Even before the beginning of the formation lap, San Diego’s car failed to start due to the same battery problem plaguing the car since morning and was forced to push-start from the pit lane. As the five red lights went off, Park made a blistering start and sped off the starting line, quickly taking the lead into the first corner with Narita right behind. Yoshida dropped down a few places due to a bad start, and the rest of the pack followed without any incidents. San Diego had to wait for all the cars to go around the first turn before he was allowed to start from the pit lane. 

Park defended the lead, keeping Narita behind while Yoshida chased the leaders as he began to make up for lost time at the start. At the third lap, Yoshida overtook Narita and into second place to chase Park nose to tail. Yoshida made several attempts to overtake, but Park successfully took the defensive lines keeping Yoshida behind him. At eighth place and running at qualifying pace, San Diego slowly closed in to the rest of the drivers. Without any instruments displaying how fast he was going or how his lap times were, San Diego caught up with Miura in seventh place by the third lap.


img 3680At the fourth lap, Yoshida squeezed himself by taking the inner into the hairpin and took the lead from Park. The battle for the lead continued as Park kept his nose at the tail of Yoshida. At the fifth lap, Park attempted the same maneuver at the hairpin but at mid-corner, Yoshida’s rear left tire came in contact with Park’s front right tire, resulting in Park spinning-out. Narita took the opportunity to regain second position. Park recovered from the spin and rejoined the race at third.

 On the same lap, Miura spun out but managed to position the car to help avoid a collision with San Diego who also maneuvered to avoid a crash. San Diego was then closing in on Yanagi at sixth, when they both passed Yabushita and Yamaguchi, who were battling for the fourth position. The latter two spun out and Yamaguchi was forced to retire from the race, unable to recover his car after getting caught in the gravel traps. On the seventh lap, carrying more speed through the final corner, San Diego passed Yanagi on the main straight and Yanagi responded by increasing his pace to try and recover the position but was unable to do so by the checkered flag.

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Yoshida crossed the finish line with Narita behind him. Not being able to close the ten-second gap, Park came in through the line third. San Diego clinched fourth position with Yanagi right on his tail in fifth. Yabushita finished sixth followed by Miura in seventh. Yamaguchi’s retirement meant that he was classified eighth in the race results.

Apart from Sung Joon Park and Jeremy San Diego, other participants were veteran Japanese drivers Teriyuki Yoshida (2012 Super-FJ Tsukuba Series 1st-Runner up), Takashi Miura (Former Formula 4 and Super Taikyu driver), Naoto Yanagi (Formula 1600 pilot) Yousuke Yabushita (Formula 1600 pilot), Narita Kazutoshi (Formula 1600 pilot), and Gen Yamaguchi (Super-FJ pilot).

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