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17 January 2013

Chevrolet is letting you drive the 2014 Corvette Stingray C7 for FREE... in GT5 (w/ video)

Words by Ferman Lao | Photos and video courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
gt5vette main
A camouflaged prototype of the next generation Corvette C7 has been available for download since November 2012. And since then, nearly 500,000 fans of Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) have done just that so they can race this new American muscle on track before the real deal hits showrooms near the end of 2013. But now that the world has seen the Corvette Stingray C7 in all its glory at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the powers that be at Chevrolet and Polyphony Digital Inc. (developers of the Gran Turismo franchise) worked together to deliver the closest thing anyone can get to driving the latest 'Vette.
The best part is, it's a free download, since January 15 2013, at the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3 for anyone who owns the game.
Like the other 1,088 cars in Gran Turismo 5, every inch of the new Corvette Stingray C7 has been faithfully reproduced inside and out. Of course, that includes the 6.2L small block V8 with all of its 450 horses and 610 Nm of torque. The developers put so much effort into recreating every detail of the C7 that they even got the shift schedule for the 7-speed manual transmission with active rev matching. Unfortunately though, you'll have to sit behind the wheel of the real thing to experience the 1G cornering force they've been boasting about.
All six previous generations of the Corvette have always been available in the game and the new seventh generation Stingray will be no different.
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Aside from the C7 Stingray, a new update for is also now available for Gran Turismo 5 (ver 2.10). The 55mb packet contains the following changes:
  • Adjusted performance point calculations to correct an issue where the speed of cars in races with PP (Performance Point) restrictions would be matched unfairly.
  • Adjusted the engine sound of the Honda Weider HSV-010 (Super GT) ’11.
  • Improved the force feedback control of the Thrustmaster TS500RS Steering wheel controller to improve steering feel. This improvement will allow more precise countersteer on dirt and while drifting.