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While summer is the perfect time to go to the beach, you have to admit, most of us Filipinos actually go to the mall to chill out and beat the heat. Not only is it cheaper, but also a lot more convenient. That's why, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) packed up their beach towels and sunscreens and headed on a mall tour instead.
The 2013 Isuzu Nationwide Mall Tour started on March 4 and will last until May 29, travelling as up north as Nueva Ecija and as down south as Davao. They're bringing along their entire range of family-friendly vehicles across the country so you could check them out in person, which includes the Isuzu Crosswind, Alterra, and D-Max.
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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 07:28

Taking the plunge with the Isuzu Alterra

Words and photos by Kris C. Lim
I considering it such a blessing that my profession indulges my passion to travel. From fuel-economy runs to out-of-town road trips, we motoring journalists have the privilege to test out the latest on four wheels from different car manufacturers and drive them to places we've never been to. Quite frankly, it takes something really special to impress your average motoring hack, but to our delight, Isuzu Philippines gave us just that in our recent excursion to down south.
A few weeks ago, I received an invite from Isuzu PR Supervisor Ronald “Isuzu Joe” Baladad to join their last leg of Isuzu Road Trip event. Dubbed “For the Journey that Matters,” we took the plunge at the last leg of the Isuzu Road Trip event - a trek that would involve driving down the beautiful and historical province of Quezon in the Isuzu Alterra Urban Cruiser. 
After a sumptuous breakfast and casual media briefing to jumpstart the day, we took off from the Alabang Town Center and headed out for the long day ahead. But to prep us for the trip, we made a quick pitstop at the Caltex service station in Mampalasan, Laguna, where we grabbed snacks and refreshments courtesy of Isuzu. Our destination: Villa Sariaya, a 130-kilometer drive  south of Manila. 
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Words by Ferman Lao | Photos courtesy of Isuzu Philippines Corp.
The day started early with a cracking call time at 6:30 in the morning. After receiving a call from Chairman, Isuzu's fondly named car jockey, informing me that they were on the way to pick me up, I hurriedly grabbed my gear and headed towards the agreed pick up point along Banawe Street in Quezon City. Right on the dot, they arrived in a brand-spanking new Alterra Urban Cruiser with Ardie Lopez and brother Third of Auto Extreme on board, whom they've picked up earlier. You see, tardiness shouldn't be in anyone's dictionary, and it definitely wasn't in Isuzu's. 

Having Ardie take the shotgun seat and Third beg off due to a medical emergency meant that, I would be having the back seat all of the Alterra to myself. After the cursory greetings and high fives, I toss my rucksack in and settled in the seat behind Chairman and hunkered down for what I thought would be a long ride.
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