03 February 2012

Car names defined

Words by Christopher Kho and Jade Lu
Car makers across the globe name their latest models after elaborate words from the English dictionary (except for the Europeans who use a labyrinth of letters and numbers) to somehow reflect its prominent characteristics and dazzle their patrons over its obscure moniker. But after a multitude of brochures, advertisements, test drives, and car reviews, have we really given some thought what some of these nameplates really mean? Thankfully, the internet - and notably the guys at Dictionary.com - has put together a list of definitions for some of the most prominent and memorable car models ever to grace this planet.
Words by Leslie Sy
Don't you just hate it when you finally find a parking slot on the street or in a mall, you discover that you can't fit your car in because the car beside it is parked badly? What's more frustrating is that you can't teach its driver how to park properly without potentially getting into a heated argument and then some. Well, you should be glad to know that there are now websites out there so that you could teach these bad parkers a lesson or two.
In the online-dependent world we live in today, the internet once again comes to the rescue with websites such as www.youparklikeanasshole.com. The site offers downloadable notice forms or stickers for you to place on the offending cars’ windshields to teach their drivers a lesson. You can even specify the violation, whether it's parked over the painted lines, parked over two spots, or fraudulently parked in spaces reserved for handicaps, so that the parking delinquent can look up the site, find out what he or she has done wrong, and learn how to properly park their cars.
Only a handful of people in this world ever manage to drive their cars so far that they'd see the day the odometer flips over. But one man from Norway, Maine, USA, gears up for a personal challenge to clock in one million miles (or 1.6 million kilometers) on his 1990 Honda Accord. Joe LoCicero or Million Mile Joe as everyone now knows him, is an insurance claims adjuster who logs around 62,500 miles each year, four times more than the average American driver's 14,000 miles/year, by driving from one Honda dealer to another. “I feel like a human ping-pong ball crossing the state,” said Joe. 
The pursuit to reach one million miles began when Joe's Accord reached 300,000 miles. Since then, he started keeping track of his milage and now has 661 photos of his car's odometer. And unlike other record attempts that deliberately take time off to spend months on the road, this undertaking is achieved solely based on Joe's occupational daily driving routine. 
Words and photos by Ferman Lao
Regular readers at Kotse.com would recall that a few weeks ago, I wrote about a road trip to Pico de Loro in Batangas which took us through a challenging bike trail. Well, exactly a week later, I was up early again for Nissan Motors Philippines Inc.'s (NMPI) X-Trail CVT test drive-slash-road trip.

Our destination for the day trip was some three hours away in Acuatico Resort, San Juan, Batangas which meant that a 6:00am call time would give me plenty of seat time spent in the X-Trail. My phone rang at exactly 5:45 am and the guys from Nissan informed that they're just 20 minutes away from the agreed pick up point. Getting there several minutes before they did, the group arrived in a Nissan Urvan consisting of Business Mirror's Ira Panganiban, Manila Bulletin's Iñigo Roces, and Auto Review's Ron and Ronald delos Reyes. Although I know that it's going to be a long day, I wasn't going to be the one to make it longer for the other guys in the van. 
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