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07 May 2012

Land Rover Club of the Philippines: At work and at play (w/ video)

Photos by Igor Maminta and Jundio Salvador 
The Land Rover Club of the Philippines (LRCP) is more than just your typical car club. Yes, they do love showing off their best sheet metal and getting down and dirty four wheeling on the weekends; but other times, they go beyond by lending a helping hand in times of crisis or representing the country in international events.
In January 2012, LRCP conducted a disaster relief operation for the victims of typhoon Sendong in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro in partnership with Pusong Minero, a project of the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA). 
Doing what they do best, the club offered off-road transport services for personnel, medical supplies, equipment, and relief goods to affected areas. They used their 4x4's to deliver potable drinking water through a T1 Trident Water System and mobilized a team of doctors from the Makati Medical Center to provide medical care to the flood victims, including a group of veterinarians to look after the farm animals. 
Typhoon Sendong triggered catastrophic flash flooding in the areas of Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City last December 2011, displacing 43,000 people, killing at least 1,236, with over 1,000 left missing. 
Then last March, LRCP celebrated its 15th Anniversary by joining the Land Rover Owners Club Malaysia's (LROM) Trans Kalimantan Expedition of 2012. The four man team - consisting of Leo Dominguez, Igor Maminta, David Fraser, and Vicky Vigneswaran Karthigesu - went on an off-road expedition that consisted of a 15 Land Rover convoy in the spirit of the Camel Trophy
The team flagged off their 15-day expedition at Kuching, Malaysia and travelled through the jungles of Kalimantan, Borneo, and Indonesia, before returning to where they started. During the trek, the convoy also wholeheartedly gave toys, water filters, and educational materials for Kalimantan children. 
LRCP couldn't have done this without the help of LR Phils Motors, Inc., AirAsia Philippines, Pusong Minero, Crocs, Leo Dominguez, Ernie Santos of Automarine Handlers, Bert Ilagan, Jundio Salvador of Pan De Amerikana, Joel Buse of Mantech, Bobby Jose' of Rangeland, Igor Maminta, and Vicky Vigneswaran.
The Land Rover Club of the Philippines (LRCP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment of Land Rover vehicles composed of Land Rover owners.