28 October 2013

OMIX-ADA debuts Historic Jeep Collection for SEMA

Words by Carl Trocio|Photo by www.jeepcollection.com

screen shot 2013-10-28 at 2.40.03 amOMIX-ADA, the world’s largest manufacturer of Jeep parts and accessories, decides to do a throwback Thursday for this year’s SEMA show to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company plans to showcase a couple of wartime jeeps and dusted-off prototypes to go with their patriotic theme.

The company’s collection includes historically significant Jeeps accounting for the brand’s history spanning 7 decades, from pre-World War 2 up to the current Wrangler JK (1941 to 2013).

These fine specimens of ruggedness are samples of the rich history that OMIX-ADA has preserved. Rounding off the selection will be 3 prototypes: a Ford GP, a Willy’s MA and a Bantam BRC40, all from 1941. These prototypes were presented to the US Government for their functional abilities during the time of battle and eventually setting the standards of future war time vehicles thereafter.

The first prototype, the Willy’s MA was the US government bench test before they deployed troops to join in WWII. Think of it as the first contestant of a singing contest: Decent talent, everything acceptable, does the job and sets the pace… then the mutants come in.

The second prototype was the Ford GP: this little runt was small the war’s shortstop. Small and light weight, this Jeep’s duties were for quick transport of troops, towing anti tank guns and lighter pieces that go “kaboom”. The Ford’s design genes spread throughout most of the standard WWII jeeps that followed.

Third is the Bantam BRC40. The third spin-off offered by Bantam. Although more “experienced” for the job, the BRC40’s lengthy production time would mean that the troops literally had to march to victory. Thus giving Ford and Willy’s the war time supply contract.

The cast of the throwback Thursday will be as follows: ’41 Ford GP,’41 Bantam BRC40,’41 Willys,MA,’42 Willys MB,’43 Ford GPA (Amphibious Jeep),’51 Willys M38,’52 Willys M38A1 and ’67 Kaiser Jeep M715.

Aside from the history lesson, Omix-ADA will also build a green 2013 4-door Wrangler Rubicon on site using the knick knacks the company can offer to make it into what a military Jeep would look like today. The build will be designed and carried out by veterans.

The jeep… helped fight the war for world peace and public transportation for Filipinos.

The jeep… helped build roads… then helped clog them in this country. We can’t have it all.