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16 October 2012

Brute Force: Isuzu bares Top 10 reasons why you should buy Trucks brand new

Short on cash? Why not buy second-hand? That seems to be a great idea if you're buying appliances, furniture, or maybe even articles of clothing. But would you really buy an imported, converted second-hand truck for your business? 
It might seem cheap at first, but it could be like adopting a 10-year-old dog. Before any of you animal activists air out your opinions, hear me out. While an old pooch may only have a few years left and cost extra for frequent check-ups at the vet, at least it will love you unconditionally. A second-hand truck's low price, on the other hand, might look enticing, but the risks could outweigh the benefits
Thankfully, the country's diesel expert, Isuzu Philippine Corporation (IPC), has listed down these Top 10 reasons why you should buy Trucks brand new.
  1. Imported second-hand trucks offer only one advantage: they're cheap to acquire. But a closer look would reveal that used trucks become costlier to operate in the long run.
  2. With no service history and warranty, it puts the buyer at risk.
  3. Used trucks imported into the Philippines have served past their useful lifetime in their country of origin. 
  4. An uncertain reliability could require more maintenance and repair work, cause costly delays to business, and are likely to fail emission standards.
  5. Majority have been converted from right-hand-drive to left-hand-drive using questionable methods, making them unsafe.
  6. Brand new trucks may be priced higher, but the long-term advantages make them more cost-effective.
  7. New trucks have a useful life of more than 10 years, while imported second-hand units may only last 3 years. 
  8. After a decade of reliable service, trucks bought new have a higher resale value.
  9. Brand new Isuzu trucks are in excellent operating condition. Maintenance schedules are also performed by highly-trained IPC technicians who strictly follow manufacturer specifications. Plus, they're fitted only with genuine Isuzu parts.
  10. Fitted with powerful modern engines, brand new Isuzu trucks comply with strict emission standards and are guaranteed to be fuel-efficient.
Still not convinced? Looking at the numbers, a second hand unit can be purchased for only P580,00, while a new Isuzu truck costs P944,000. But put into account service life, fuel-efficiency, warranty coverage, and additional expenses associated with imported used trucks (repair downtime, breakdowns, or roadside apprehension due to smoke belching), a brand new Isuzu actually comes out P300,000 cheaper to run per year. Savings come from longer service life, better fuel efficiency, and parts warranty for the truck's first three years. Not bad, eh?
When it comes to trucks, nothing compares to the diesel expertise of Isuzu Philippines Corporation. They've established a reputation for being reliable, durable, and fuel efficient. And as proof, their N-Series has been the country's best-selling truck in its category for the past 13 years. Beat that!